Making Your Child Fall In Love With Writing: Top 3 Hacks

Writing is an art.

Writing is not something that constitutes a part of education, yet it empowers the children or any learner, for that matter, manifold.

During their early childhood days, children’s writings are no less than indescribable doodles. But, as a parent, you can do your part to transform these doodles into deep pieces of writings.

As much as it is fun watching your child learn writing, you should not mundanely persuade them to write! Children learn effectively through imitating stuff.

Thus, you need to put on your creative parenting cap here and turn to ways that inspire your child to grasp the basics of writing and fall in love with the learning process.

Here are the top three hacks to ignite that spark for writing in your child without them feeling bored!

Help Them Idolize The Process 

Children take cues from adults. They learn what they see. 

When you grow up surrounded by greens, you automatically start liking them. 

Likewise, if a child grows up surrounded by books, they start liking reading and writing on their own. 

To inspire your child to write, make sure you are into it. 

Ensure they see you writing and reading. Be it a grocery list, your daily journal, an email, or a letter to their father/mother, make sure they see you do it. 

Talk to them about writing in general. Quote examples of good writers and emphasize how it is a crucial part of personality development. 

Demonstrate that books bring you joy and will bring them joy too. 

Gift Them Cute Writing Accessories 

We, as kids, loved gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts, after all?

Gifting your child some cute writing accessories such as a journal or a printed notebook can help them develop an interest in writing quite quickly.

You may even gift them some cute, printed pencils in addition to the cute notebooks and inspire them to write a thought for every day.

The exercise is also great to inculcate moral values amongst children.

A Writing Activity A Day! 

Well, we are sure about it that your child may be getting enough tasks and assignments at school. 

However, it is not a bad idea to introduce something fun to that list. For instance, every Sunday you can help your child write a letter to their favorite cartoon character. 

Or, you may help them create a list of the things they want for Christmas. 

Further, you may inspire them to draft a short thank you speech for their teacher. 

Depending on your kids’ interests and level of writing skills, you can complicate or simplify the tasks. 

Thus, these were some quick ways to make your child fall in love with writing. 

Apart from these, inspiring your child to practice writing in different alphabet sizes, fonts, designs, and curves can help them keep interested for a longer period. 

Monotonous writing sessions make the child defy learning. 

Make it a point to keep your child engaged with some fun activities around writing and reading.