(Set Of 3)Handmade 5 x 8 inches Notebook Japanese Bound / 80 Unlined Page

$28.50 $14.99

$28.50 $14.99
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Measuring14.8cm/ 5.8 inches by 21cm/ 8.3inches, this notebook will cater for all needs.From keeping track of one’s life in a journal to putting down ideas as they flow into one’s mind, it is sufficient to do it all.

It is also ideal for taking notes and even drawing.

The 80 unlined pages that make up this journal leave enough room for creativity. For those moments when you feel like sketching down something to when you want to put it into written words, this is the right place to do so.

The paper is the Low-Eye Strain Paper. This cream-colored paper has a specially designed surface meant to reduce the reflection of light into your eyes and provide more comfort to the eyes.

It has a vintage yet modern look and is made strong enough to last a long time.
Made from acid-free paper, all that is written in this journal will remain intact for a long time making it ideal for use as a journal and booklet for jotting important events. You can check back many years later and all your writings will be intact.

The stylish, smooth cover and the pages are bound together by a lay-flat binding to ensure ease in writing and drawing in the book.
It lies flat when placed on a surface so you are able to manipulate it in whatever way you wish.

The entire notebook is handmade one by one to guarantee its quality and reliability.

Whether you want to use it as a journal, a diary, a sketchbook or a notebook, this will prove to be a worthwhile investment.


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